Tours & Topics

Here I will present you a list of themes and topics for my tours. Each topic will contain a short description of the tour, the kind of activities included, the expected duration, the cost and information such as when you can book it and whether the tour is accessible for guests with disabilities, dietary-, age- or other restrictions.

At the moment this page is under construction! Please follow this site so you will be updated as soon as the information here is completed.

Tour 1


… short description …


Walking / coach / musea / physical activity or sports / …

Expected duration: … hours

When & Where:

This tour can be booked in: Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter or between … and … only on mornings/afternoons/evenings.

I will meet you at: the starting point at … and the tour will end at the location … / Hotel group pick-up.


This tour is accessible to: everyone / everyone over the age of … / vegetarian options will (not) be available / everyone who is solid on their feet and can walk for … hours / … .

This tour is not recommended for: guests with babies and infants under 3 years of age / guests who have difficulty walking longer distances of more than a mile / people with food allergies / …

E-mail Hours Hours: to be announced.
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